The ultimate Victoria's Secret Fashion Show recap: Avengers, Unite!

Unlike any model who wants to keep her job, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has far outgrown itself. It’s a boob-ular explosion of color and wonder! The pinnacle of peacocks! The well-packed Super Bowl of fashion! Or as company rep Monica Mitro puts it: “an hour of entertainment.” Can you feel yourself disappearing as the bubble of fantasy expands? The annual CBS special has transformed its models into “something almost, like, bigger than life,” according to one of them. It’s almost like they’re the Avengers, defending the world from clothes. 

There’s Captain America, of course:

Iron Man:

Dr. Octopus:


As if anyone could forget to include Thor. Now, okay. Maybe not everyoneon the runway is a superhero. Although really, how do you know? Perhaps your definition has been limited, in both fitness and in life. Who are we mortals to question the powers of angels wearing lingerie and what seems like it might be a bit too much more? Somehow they make it work, right? I mean, Sexy Mrs. Roper can pull off seven different looks at once:

The Fringe Fairy sweeps away threats like they don’t even matter

Anne of Green Gables stars in her own puffed sleeve fever dream…

Caitlyn Jenner cheers on daughter Kendall, a first-time angel…

And your bored teenage daughter rolls her eyes at you. Again.

Backstage, it’s a flurry of fantasy-driven action. “I need hair. Aggggggghhhh!” a blonde mop bristles in terror. Potential heroes crouch flexibly so the makeup people can reach their faces. Michael Bay lurks somewhere in the background, scouting for talent. And the SELFIES....

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