'Dancing With the Stars': The FINALS Sparklebarf Live Chat!

Welcome back, DANCMSTRs, Gem Hunters, Sparklebarfers, and those who courageously identify as all three. It's somehow already the day before the Season 24 Finale -- and you know what that means: FREESTYLES. Plus, other dances! Tune in for Monday's Finals from 8-9 P.M. ET and chat about who's going to win below. 

Is David, Normani, or Rashad your Mirrorball Champion? Would you happy with any winner? 

Fringe Fairy


P.S. Follow "DancingABC" on Snapchat if the thought of a real-time simulation of dipping your head into an arcade claw game full of mirrorballs holds any appeal. This is a tough sell. I do get it.