'Dancing With the Stars': The Premiere's Sparklebarf Live Chat!


Welcome back, Gem Hunters one and all, to the 24th mad dash for the coveted mirrorball trophy!

This is a special season for me as I've joined the production staff -- I'm on the #DWTS social media team and will be focusing on Facebook Live. During Sunday's camera blocking (a.k.a. heaven on earth, and you know I would not call Planet Mirrorballus "earth" lightly, it's just that the lack of costumes really changes things), I realized I am literally a fringe fairy, hanging out on the sidelines and geeking out over twinkling sunset backdrops and Gleb's sweaty abs. I'll be working directly with Tom, the judges, the cast and Our Pros to deliver blissfully unedited glimpses of what happens BEHIND THE SEQUINS. Here's what we just filmed tonight OMG OMG OMG. I'm the dark figure who ducks and runs out of the shot at 2:15 -- truly a hidden gem for the ages. 

they are talking to me right now. and you!

they are talking to me right now. and you!

I have no idea how this "journey" will go. It's both thrilling and terrifying. But that's the spirit of the show, right? Just jumping in and hoping you don't fall? At least I won't be wearing heels!

Unfortunately, this means no official press recaps from me this season. But rest assured that 1) our liiiiiiiiiiiive chat will still be here every week, 2) the Fringe Fairy's Gem Hunters Facebook Group will continue to be the best sparkly crowd-sourced feeding trough in all of Mirrorballus and beyond, and 3) I can only gain more perspective on the show by being closer to it. So in no way is this a goodbye. It's more like a silent gesture to peek behind the velvet curtain right by my side. Come on, let's go!

But enough about me, good god. Who's striking your fancy this season? How many X's are really needed to convey that something is expensive? And finally, forever, WHAT IS LOVE? Etc. Discuss.

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Fringe Fairy

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