'Dancing With the Stars' Season 23 premiere: The Sparklebarf Live Chat

Update: Full premiere recap is liiiiiiive!

You may not have missed them all -- but you KNOW you missed these costumes!

Welcome back, Sparklebarfers, to a new season of fringe benefits on Planet Mirrorballus a.k.a. the house of flying swaggers and disco ball dreams! Tonight's a homecoming of sorts, as Allison, Cheryl, Maks, Derek, Gleb, Emma, and Busty the Judge have all returned following hiatuses of varying (skirt) lengths. Meanwhile, Jenna has been upgraded from decoy to full pro.

Cast-wise? Meh. We've got a disgraced Olympian, an adorable Olympian, a ringer for Derek, a bunch of peeps you've never heard of, and Vanilla Ice

All right, stop. Collaborate and COMMENT!

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