'Dancing With the Stars' finale: The Sparklebarf Live Chat!

Welcome, DANCMSTRs! Let's make like Nyle and Peta's ferociously agenda-driven freestyle and get to CHATTING! Chatting like there's no tomorrow! Chatting like no one is listening, because maybe, just maybe... they can't hear!

This is it! Paige vs. Nyle vs. Ginger vs. Mark's Ego. Who will triumph? Discuss Tuesday's Season 22 finale liiiiiiiiiiiive below, then hit up Yahoo! TV Wednesday morning for my full recap

Be sure to join the Fringe Fairy's Gem Hunters Facebook Group so we can all keep in touch during the offseason! A very special thanks to Leah and Amy in KC for creating and moderating this friendly jewels-for-eyes monster. I'm utterly tickled (by feathers, obvs) that y'all care.

I'll miss our weekly chats as much as the next Sparklebarfer -- but this isn't goodbye!

More like a softly swaying, everlasting hello.

(Oh, and check out my Bachelorette recaps at Refinery29 if you miss me THAT much.) 

Fringe Fairy

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