'The Bachelor' Season 20, Episode 7 Recap: Down With The Extra Virgin

The winds of love are cold and fierce tonight, and Ben’s not done breaking hearts just yet. After a quick meltdown on the steps of City Hall (“Could you fall in love with each of them? HONESTLY…” warns Chris Harrison), he hands out Hometown Visit roses to Lauren, JoJo, Caila, and Amanda, leaving Becca the Extra Virgin to blow away. “Why did you do that?” she demands, dumbfounded. The one thing she wanted was not to be blindsided! Ben blinks, wondering when she’d said that (the snoozy group date) and who exactly she is.

“Why would I keep putting myself in this position?” Becca asks in vain, probably on her way to sign her next Bachelor in Paradise contract. Here’s hoping she jumped out of the rejection limo and hit up Ben’s favorite dive bar for some real action already. You won't be the hottest thing in Indiana forever, girl! Time to get in the game!

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