'The Bachelor' Season 20, Episode 5 Recap: Red-Flagged

Ben and Lauren H. manage to not totally embarrass themselves while vamping down the runway during Fashion Week Mexico. The casual flair with which Ben rocks a brightly colored poncho along with Lauren’s relentless enthusiasm keep the afternoon from falling too flat, but overall this one-on-one date feels like an extended kindergarten class. “There ARE other women I’m progressing with,” Ben confesses. But he swears, “You DID make me smile; you DID make me laugh.” Lauren H. effectively apes Ben’s disturbing speech pattern, or maybe it’s also her own and they're perfect for each other. I might NOT care. “It’s hard to know how much you DO kind of pick up on...” she trails off, perhaps leaving this quandary open-ended forever…

Later, as the ladies prep for the rose ceremony, Amanda dares to mention her children, prompting a royal fuckup from Olivia: “It’s like an episode of Teen Mom,” she mutters not once but twice, potentially digging her own rose-petaled grave.

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