'The Bachelor' Season 20, Episode 4 Recap: What Happened In Vegas...

Uh oh: The group is supposed to put on a talent show but none of Ben’s dates have any talent. The horror! But most of them make do with Irish dancing and hula hoops and shit. Everyone seems content to do the bare minimum and get the hell off the stage. Only Olivia the Great won’t let on about her secret talent. She stretches her long limbs and fat toes while sprawled out in a nasty carpeted aisle, building the mystery of her own doomed performance. Surely she knows this whole pre-panic mode display is tedious, but the news-wielding warrior must suffer through it anyway. A mini-meltdown is one of the few surefire ways to achieve Time With Ben.

Against all odds, though, Olivia's skittishness turns out to have been authentic: During the talent show’s grand finale, she fully transitions into what she surely never thought she’d become: a low-kicking, over-sequined showgirl who somehow develops a raging case of self-awareness in the middle of a cake pop. Striptease fail! Hey, we’ve all been there — just not as tragically and out in the open. I cannot fathom why Olivia couldn’t have let herself "fade to the back" just this once. This has to be the most basic course material taught in Attention Whore Caveats 101: When performing in a talent show for sober people in Las Vegas, one’s biggest priority should be avoiding the spotlight. Also, it’s not like she has zero talent. She could have delivered a zany news update, like a State of My Dating Life type of thing, or led some sort of manic meditation session called Zen With Ben (her words). Either of those would’ve run a minute, tops. There are no happy endings in Vegas.

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