'Dancing With the Stars': Week 4's Sparklebarf Live Chat

Update: My Week 4 recap is liiiiiiiiiiive! 


Welcome back, gem hunters! Tonight's Cirque du Soleil theme night promises to be a triple-jointed explosion of aerial spins, errant limbs, flaming hoops, and Ryan Lochte's grimy pool water. Will Laurie's gymnastics background give her the ultimate advantage? Or has Vanilla Ice been hiding Olympic-level high-pressure balance capabilities THIS WHOLE TIME? 

We'll keep the chat going here for Tuesday's results show -- and FYI I will be trying out a Facebook Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiive broadcast a few minutes before airtime. Will anyone care? Will my phone run out of RAM in the first 30 seconds? Is that a thing? Who knows? 

So here we go!
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