'Dancing With the Stars' Season 21 Premiere: #Sparklebarf Live Chat

Update: My full recap of the season 21 premiere is liiiiiiive!

Welcome back, esteemed members of the DANCMSTRs / Hidden Gem Hunters / 100% Pure Sparklebarf Community! Are you all ready for SEASON 21 of our favorite model railroad drama to steam on down the unbeweavable tracks of love, sweat, and glittery tears? 

ME TOO. (Insert awkward GIF of me dancing, if I ever made GIFs.)

Thanks for chatting liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive during tonight's premiere -- and don't forget to check out my morning-after episode recap over at Yahoo! TV for the full Fringe Fairy experience.

I'll give up that nickname if Artem ever puts on a shirt. (Yeah right.)

Let the Busey-infused Butter Olympics begin!