'Dancing With the Stars': Season 20, Week 4 Sparklebarf Live Chat

Welcome back to Dancing With the Stars: The Most Disco Thing To Do, Ever.

It's Week 4 and you know what that means -- time to jump in crotch-first to the Most Memorable Year of these random people's lives! 

What was your MMY, btw? I guess mine would be 2011, the year of my stunning transformation from Cave Troll to Beach Bot. I'm not sure this would play out dramatically enough on the ballroom floor, considering all I had to do was switch my location settings and remember to go outside. But it did require a lot of COURAGE in the face of UNCERTAINTY and THE OVERCOMING OF OBSTACLES such as DEPLETION OF SAVINGS. Feel free to cry about it even though I'm not dancing and no one died. Let those tears flow like the shimmery waves of time. #SPARKLEBARF

If you can't watch the east coast feed on TV, try the DWTS All-Access live streams to see the dances and hear from the couples throughout the show. 

Discuss Week 4 now, then look for my recap tomorrow at Yahoo TV.

In case you missed it last week:

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