'Dancing With the Stars': Season 20, Week 2 Sparklebarf Live Chat



Welcome back, gem hunters, to season 20 of Dancing With the Stars: Just a Touch of the Dizzies.

My emotional sparklebarf quotient (ESQ) is about as high as Patti Labelle's at the moment, as I've just joined the Dancing With the Stars production staff! I'll be flittering around Planet Mirrorballus full-time to help put together the 10th anniversary special that'll air in May.

So it turns out the dreams that you wish really can come true! You just need to have courage, be kind, work hard, barely sleep, and stay really, really tan. Let's hope season 20's future Disney Princesses of America followed all those rules while gearing up for Week 2. Looks like we'll see four cha chas, three foxtrots, two jives, a samba, a rumba, and an Argentine tango. Which theme night is this? "LMFAO"? (Noooooo.)

If you can't watch liiiive on TV, try the DWTS All-Access live streams to see the dances and hear from the couples throughout the show!

Discuss it now, then look for my full recap tomorrow at Yahoo TV.

Tonight's elevator music: 


Feel it furious--
The fire burns on.

Fringe Fairy

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