Annie Barrett's 'Dancing With the Stars' Finals chat is liiiiiive!

The Sparkle-Sorcerer made me do it.

The Sparkle-Sorcerer made me do it.

Update: My recap is now liiiiiiiiiiiive on and (with comments)!

Discuss the Season 18 FINALS here ahead of my full recap later on.

Welcome back, DANCMSTRs! It's time for some awkward/amazing freestyles, depending on whether you're D.J. Tanner or an Ice Queen. Will anyone NOT receive a 10? The horror!

"What kind of negative comments frustrated you the most? 

When people write in that they think we’re fixing the votes. Have you ever seen the Broadcast Standards people? They go around checking every vote that comes in. So the idea that we’re sitting here, the evil puppet masters saying “That judge should say that to Maks” and “This judge should give a 7” — it’s like, why would I care? And if I did care, why would I have Derek win every fucking time? Know what I mean? It’d be a much different show if I could control the destiny of everyone. It isn’t a big conspiracy. This isn’t the Derek Hough Conspiracy Society. It’s a dance show.

What will you remember most? Like, if someone said 'Dancing With the Stars' out of context, which moment would flash in your mind?

Probably Marie Osmond fainting. I didn’t want to be the person that had someone die on my watch on TV. I actually thought she’d had a heart attack."

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