I'm recapping 'American Idol' on TVLine.com (one week only!)



In a stunning life twist that feels like creepy déjà vu from January 2011... I'll be filling in on American Idol recapping duties for Michael Slezak over at TV Line tonight and Thursday!

That hilarious wino is still one of my best friends after all this time (and my move from NYC to LA). We've spent the past three years instant-messaging each other cross-country while staying up all night recapping the same tired reality show at different outlets. We are SO COOL.

I certainly hope the show doesn't suck. If it does, I'll just mercilessly mock Slezak to fill the space. He's gonna RUE the day!!!

I'll update this post with the link later on.... Here it is! And here's Thursday's results recap, too.

Thanks as always for reading!