Annie Barrett's new 'Dancing With the Stars' discussion and #sparklebarf chant circle is liiiiiiiiiiive!



Welcome, DANCMSTR refugees! 

Ahead of my full recap later on, here’s where you can and should discuss the Season 18, Week 5 episode of Dancing With the Stars — in which the nine remaining season 18 couples will dance to classic Disney songs alongside animated Disney characters. 

What?! You mean I don’t have to Photoshop them in this time? 

Victor Whoever and Lindsay Arnold as Aladdin and Jafar

The Alice in Wonderland cards are flummoxed as to which color spats they should paint on Mark's BARE FEET.

Everyone came to the pahhhhhh-ty!

Well, that’s a load off! 

Check back here overnight for links to my full recap at The Hollywood Reporter and Billboard!

And ask me anything about the show (or any other topic, except why I was laid off from EW because I honestly have no idea) — I’m doing VIDEO REPLIES again….

Annie Barrett answers "Do you ever think you'll try out for 'Dancing With the Stars'? And who would you want your partner to be?" from reader Janelle

….because I’m CRAZY. 

I’m so glad you found me here! I love you all very much! #SPARKLEBARF

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